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AUTHENTIC SAHARA DESERT TOURS offers a wide variety of private Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Marrakech at an affordable price. We plan Desert Tours in Morocco with Zagora desert tours, Erg Chegaga Sahara dunes and Erg Chebbi Sahara dunes in Merzouga as the destination for a period of 2 days and 3 days.

Authentic Sahara Tours is a Moroccan tour operator based in Marrakech. Our travel consultans are committed to making the real Morocco accessible. We understand the barriers that come between merely seeing and understanding, and we are here to tear them down. Our passionate local guides and experienced trip designers are true insiders who thrive on sharing these experiences with you, and making sure your every comfort is taken care of. This is how we operate, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Authentic Sahara Tours lets you Experience Morocco Differently.

We hope by browsing our listed Morocco Desert Tours you will be inspired to visit this extraordinarily country with us. It is possible to customize everything in the best way to suit your budget, timing and preferences. It is also flexible for us to add, shorten, adjust or stretch out your Morocco desert tour properly, taking your choices into consideration which may include: choosing your locations, stops, travelling at your own pace, starting and ending points etc.

Morocco Desert Tours Options
Erg Chebbi Sahara Dunes, Zagora Desert Experience and Erg Chegaga Sahara Dunes:
Erg Chebbi Sahara Dunes in Merzouga:

The Morocco desert tour to Erg Chebbi in Merzouga is possible for a period of 3 days coupled with a 2 night desert tour to Merzouga. It is highly recommended to take you a period of at least 4 days for your tour at the Erg Chebbi dunes as you take time to enjoy the sites along the way. Erg Chebbi Sahara dunes is well established, developed and has easy access. It is a 565km distance from Marrakech and it is a 10hour drive. High dunes are probably over 100meters. A camels trek to a not particularly remote camp in the dunes takes 1hour and 30munites. One can possibly discover deep desert camps, hotels with air-conditioned rooms, luxury tents as well as swimming pools. This can be fixed into the tour programs of Marrakech to Fes via the Sahara or the Fes to Marrakech desert tour as it would be about halfway between the two.

Erg Chegaga Sahara Dunes near M'hamid:

A Sahara desert tour From Marrakech to Erg Chegaga could be roughly a 3 day trip. It is a 415km distance from Marrakech and it takes about 9 hour drive. It is being considered to be a newer destination unlike the Erg Chebbi irrespective of the absence of hotels. What you find are the standard camps and luxury tents. This destination would prove difficult to access without a 4x4 car, due to the fact that it is off the road. It has a wild and vast desert that would take a 3 day camel trek from M'hamid

Zagora desert Experience:

Marrakech to Zagora 2 days desert tour does not actually offer a real desert experience compared to the Erg Chegaga nor the Erg Chebbi, but it is always a good option from Marrakech. For you to perfectly achieve an enjoyable trip to the Zagora desert from Marrakech, it will take you 2 days as well as a night to stay in the desert camp or in the tent which takes about an hour ride. It can be assessed easily and it is a distance of about 350 kilometers and a 7 hour drive.