Top Frequently Asked Questions


Authentic Sahara Tours offers a variety of payment options for our guests. All Credit Cards Are Accepted: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover Online Payment Service Option: PayPal, Bank Transfers.
Most of the time we quote in euros, but the payment can be done in Euros, sterling, dollars or MAD. Our prices are competitive. When you compare all the advantages we offer, they are the best in the industry, offering unsurpassed value.
You sure can. Please let your AST specialist know at time of booking or indicate this when making your online booking.
After you have confirmed your booking, you have the option to cancel. For the most up to date cancelation penalties please refer to our Booking Terms & Conditions. Because of this, we highly recommend taking out an All-Inclusive Insurance policy, so you know your investment is secure!

General information

The main differences between private and shared tours are the vehicle, you will only be sharing the transportation, rooms and tents are private, and even for meals you can choose to stay separated from the group if that is your preference. The other difference is that private tours are guaranteed, once you confirm your booking, we are committed to offer the tour, however shared tours depend on demand and require a minimum of 4 participants to run, if the minimum number is not met, you have the choice between a free cancellation or negotiate a deal to continue as a private tour.
Yes, it is possible to provide vegetarian or vegan food during the tour, all you need is to let us know during the booking process and maybe remind your driver during the tour.
Yes, the camp has a dedicated 4x4 car to transport the luggage and clients who are not interested in riding the camels at all or at least do it only once. If you go on a private tour, you will be traveling in a comfortable 4x4 car that can access the camp if needed.
Yes, our camp is considered a luxury camp yet we include it in our basic packages without a significant raise in the price, all the tents are equipped with en-suite bathroom and showers.
Yes, you can take your luggage during the tour, the vehicles are spacious enough to hold many big suitcases, and your luggage will be with you at all times so it's safe, even in the desert, your luggage will be transported to the camp with a 4x4 car to the tents.
We will travel in a 4 x 4 vehicle for up to 4 persons. If your group is larger than 4, we will take two vehicles or a mini bus. Our vehicles are equipped with air-condition and very safe and comfortable.
We arrange private tours for couples, families, or groups of friends. But also offer small group tours (4 to 8 people)

Good to know

The travel insurance is required in your travels to Morocco to be used in any case of Emergency. So, you can buy it and bring a copy of the document, as the travel insurance must cover trip cancellation, for an accident can happen or any emergencies situations.
Internet access can be readily found at internet cafes and in hotel lobbies. Occasionally, you can find free wi-fi in public places. While it is not easy to find internet access in rural areas, a smartphone with the proper plan will access the internet almost everywhere.
Please do not drink the tap water in Morocco and take care not to brush your teeth with the tap water either. Water is treated at certain locations in Morocco, but as a precaution bottled water is advised and will be provided.
Major credit cards are welcomed at the larger stores, hotels, and restaurants, but use cash at the smaller shops and stalls.
Exchange your cash when you arrive at the airport bank exchange, or use local banks and currency exchange offices in the cities and medinas as you travel
Morocco operates on 220v 50Hz, the same as the rest of Europe, but different from North America. The sockets are usually the same as those in Europe but different from Britain or the US. So if you are coming from the UK or USA you will need a converter / adaptor. There are two different types of electrical sockets commonly found in Morocco. Older sockets are two pin, similar to, the CEE 7/16 Europlug. The newer type will have a grounded version of the two-pin socket in which an earth pin sticks out from the socket, CEE 7/5. Unless your adapter has a hole to accept the earth pin you WILL NOT be able to physically insert the adapter into the socket.

The climate in Morocco is varied and there is pleasant weather available somewhere throughout the year. The Atlantic coast has a year-round mid 20’s sunny climate and the mountains provide relief from the extreme heat in the summer months which you will find in the southern desert towns.

If you are doing one of our desert tours, the desert is probably best visited in spring and autumn but will still provide very pleasant sunshine in the middle of winter although it will get cold at night.

We would advise to avoid the desert during July and August unless you are used to very high temperatures.

Out of respect, we suggest long shorts and t-shirts rather than short shorts and sleeveless tops (for both men and women) and wearing swimwear only at the beach or by your hotel swimming pool.

Women may like to carry a scarf with them to wrap around them in the more rural areas to avoid causing any offence, especially during Ramadan.

In the winter months, you will need some warm clothes for cooler nights especially in the mountains and desert where it can get very cold with subzero temperatures and heavy snowfall.